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Speedy Nameservers offers its clients the possibility to manage their domains and sub-domains, e-mail aliases, mail records, SPF records, WHOIS records, A Records, via our in-house built a custom dashboard.

Our easy to use dashboard makes changing, updating and adding new records just a breeze. The big advantage of our services is that you can manage multiple domains all from one place and pull reports based on geolocations, type of queries for better insight about your audience.

So why wait? make your DNS management effective, simple and quick with Speedy Nameservers.

We promise impact & availability!

Speedy NameServers offers a reliable network and ensure maximum availability. We have 5 data centers located across the globe to ensure any request is always responded and the guarantee response happens quickly.

We believe every query is important and needs to respond swiftly. We value your business and provide a very reliable DNS management service. Please check our pricing page to details on each package and features offered.

Here is the list of our datacentre locations:



South Africa





We take pride in our clientele and exceptional service we offer them.


Happy customers

Krypt Developers

“Speedy Nameservers drastically reduced our workload from Domain management and preserved our participation to concentrate on more critical projects. The dashboard is very beneficial and made things speedy and more adaptable. Krypt Developers had exceptional representatives from Speedy Nameservers. Looking forward to our forthcoming projects with Speedy Nameservers.”

Keno Talent Finders

“Speedy Nameservers provided invaluable assistance for our corporation. Their support was astounding and the response was very fast. Its been a great experience operating with Speedy Nameservers! “


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