Developing an excellent app in today's active apps marketplace indicates you need to create an outstanding user experience too. Which means you need to build reliability and popularity in from day one and make sure you have total authority over how you manage your domains with your users in their actions with your apps. Speedy Nameservers grants an irrationally easy way to maintain your DNS records for your app.

Working with DNS as a Developer

As a developer, we understand you have a million different things to take care of for a successful app launch. Speedy Nameservers ensure you spend as less time as possible when it comes to DNS management and still get high efficiency out of it.

Our proprietary custom API and propagation software ensure every request is directed to our servers across the globe based on availability, response time and Geolocation so you can take advantage of every single aspect of the process. All of this with very simple integration. Our detailed support forms and excellent customer service reps ensure the transition goes smoothly for you! Why wait? Start with Speedy Nameservers today!

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